Saturday, July 27, 2013

Pacific Rim

Pacific Rim was a good movie. It wasn't awesome or the best movie I've ever seen, but it was good.

A lot of people have complained about the dialog, and it's a just complaint. It can be pretty rough at times. But I think a big thing about the dialog is that it isn't polished to a witty standard, like the Avengers. The dialog and conversations do what they need to do and nothing else. No wry humor, no jab at the other people in the movie, just to-the-point sentences. In a two hour plus film, that can get tedious.

I think a part of that is because all the characters get along rather well. There's a lot of "you did great" talk, which isn't as funny as "you fight monsters like my chili fights my bowels...crappy!"

The rest of the movie was a lot of fun. Though there's a pretty long gap between the first robot vs. monster fight and the next, it starts getting into a high gear once all the pieces are set. The battles are huge and forceful; you feel every punch. When one pilot takes out the mech's sword, I knew I was in anime territory and happy for it. And it was funny, that these big battles still destroyed less and saved more than Superman did in Man of Steel.

I tend not to have as much to say about a movie I enjoyed as I do about one that was terrible. I usually have to love a movie to go on and on about it. In Pacific Rim's case, I enjoyed it, had fun and moved on with my life. I'd give it a B+, which seems a little optimistic but I'm in a generous mood and felt like I had the right attitude going in. The movie made me want to watch a whole bunch of mech anime, so that's a good thing. Too bad it didn't make any money; we might have got some more live action robot films.

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