Saturday, July 27, 2013

Once a Gamer...

Many years ago, back before I started college, I was a gamer. If you asked me to identify myself as anything, that's what I would say. Not a comic book fan, though I was, not a Christian, though I was, and not a high school dropout, though I was. I was a gamer, proud of my 8-bit heritage and my modern mastery over all video games.

The last game I ever beat.
I hit my peek with that world when I was 16 and bought a PS2. For about five years, I lived and breathed video games. My collection was great and I played all the best games and the hidden gems, from roleplaying to first-person shooters. My music collection was, and still is, mainly made up of video game remixes. My computer was built for two things, to edit videos and to play games. 

Once I started college, things began to change. For one, I didn't have the time to play anymore. Studies and work took up the priority. For another, I didn't have the money. I started school around the same time the X-Box 360 and Playstation 3 were coming out, and I certainly didn't have the money for a new system. So, it was just my PS2 and Gamecube through school, both which rarely saw any play. I think it was my second year of school that I finally beat the first Metroid Prime game.

I loved it.
Once I got to Houghton, I was done. I got rid of my PS2 and gave a friend my Gamecube. I had moved on completely. My wonderful collection of games was sold and I had more important stuff to do. It was a sad time.

It's strange that it could be sad. They were just games. Yet, I had spent a considerable amount of time with many of them. Some of them had stories that effected me on an emotional level and sucked me in to their world, like Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time or Final Fantasy X. Many of those games were associated with times of my life, with the smells of the new seasons literally reminding me of the games I loved. 

I think, had I not gone to school and just kept working my part-time job, I would have stayed a "full-time" gamer. I would have got the a new console and played the newest games and I would have been happy doing it.

I'm glad things are different, that I went to school and was changed deeply. I would never go back to that way of living. But that part of me isn't truly dead. From the NES to the PS2, I was a gamer. I might not be able to talk about modern video games anymore, but I've got that 20 years span under my belt and can talk old school with the best of them.

Why am I bringing this up? Well, that's for the next blog.

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