Monday, April 8, 2013

Summer Movies 2013

Summer is coming and so are the blockbusters. I love this time of year in the movie theater; I feel at home. While some like the fall season, when the Oscar hopefuls showup, I get excited for air conditioned action and adventure. We're talking superheroes, aliens, robots and big time fun. That's why I like going to the theater. Time to look at the movies coming out, from May to August, that I want to see.

Iron Man 3 officially begins the summer movie season. The trailer and interviews promise a better movie than the second, with Tony dealing with the post-traumatic stress that would come from the events of the Avengers. I'm excited to see how the work the Mandarin into the film and wonder if he's going to have those power rings he loves so much in the comics. It looks like it might be a cool flick.

Star Trek Into Darkness has taken four years to come out so I'm hoping it's good. The sequel looks like it will deliver on the titular darkness but I hope it keeps the fun of the first. I'm not big on the whole "lets make everything dark" routine that the Dark Knight trilogy made a standard, but the first film was so good that I have plenty of goodwill remaining.

After Earth had me interested, albeit in a detached way. Now, I'm a lot less interested knowing it's a M. Night Shyamalan movie. I don't have anything close to the benefit of the doubt to give to the guy anymore. This one is a wait and see film.

Man of Steel has done little to get me excited. Weird casting, a lot of talk about "grounding" Superman and choosing the overdone Zod as the villain has kept me from feeling enthusiastic about the movie. I want it to be good, I want a good Superman movie. If this can do it, I'll be happy. The latest trailer left me more hopeful than expected, but I stand reserved at best.

World War Z is based on one of my favorite books. Unfortunately, it looks like it won't do anything from the book. Not only that, I'm officially sick of the zombie craze. I liked the genre back when it was a smaller portion of things, but now everything has them in it and people won't shut up about them. If everyone says they're going to survive the zombie apocalypse, why would I even want one to happen anymore? It was supposed to be a fresh start from people. Stupid mass audience.

Pacific Rim looks insane. I don't even know how this kind of movie can happen but I hope it's great. Massive mech suits fighting off giant monsters? It's the movie every kid has been waiting for, even when they're twenty-six already. This film looks like the reason to go to the big screen this summer.

R.I.P.D is a comic book movie I know little about. Ryan Reynolds and Jeff Bridges play dead cops dealing with dead people. Not sure where this is going, but I'm interested on the cast and concept alone. We'll see, I suppose.

The Wolverine will be the last superhero film of the season. I have to believe this movie will be better than the first solo Wolverine movie, but the trailer didn't do a whole lot to convince me. The problem with a Wolverine movie, for me, is that I love the X-Men and their universe. I love what they stand for and how they are a family. A solo Wolverine movie doesn't have that. It just becomes a guy with claws fighting people and that's not what I love about the X-Men. I like that it will be in Japan and maybe depower the guy a bit, but I'm ready for the next X-Men film already.

Elysium is probably the film I'm most excited for and will end the summer season for me. It's a science fiction film by the guy who did District 9, which means I believe with all my heart this will be amazing. It's set  in 2159 when humanity either lives on the the space station Elysium or the ruined Earth. I can't wait to see how this turns out. It even comes out right after my birthday!

Nine movies is a decent count for the summer. I'm not sure if I'll get to go to them all, especially since my wife, Kendra, doesn't like zombies and After Earth is a spider dangling above a flame. I hope they all turn out well, but as long as Iron Man 3 and Elysium are good, I get to open and close the summer well. Bring it on!

Green Lantern, Blackest Night and Ring Corps

I started reading the Green Lantern comics back during the summer and have been going straight through them for past year. While I'm behind the rest of the comic world in my reading, the Lantern comics still feel fresh and exciting. It's also been fun because I've been reading the series along side my friend, Nic, so I've had someone to talk to about them.

We just finished reading the Blackest Night story arch. The trade setup was ridiculous. Instead of putting all the issues in order and into a simple trade series, DC comics went nuts. Each series; Green Lantern, Green Lantern Corps and the eight issue Blackest Night are put together separably. So, including the useless collection of Tales of the Corps, we had four trades that had to be read in certain orders, jumping from one title to the next to not get lost. The system is stupid but we had fun, sitting with the list and passing each trade to each other. If your going to deal with stupid publishing techniques, you might as well deal with a friend.

Blackest Night was cool, but it took a long time to get good, especially since there's plenty to read. The main Green Lantern title told the story of Hal joining forces with all the other ring bearers, the Corps title told the story of the rest of the Lanterns defending Oa and the Blackest Night series focused on the rest of the heroes defending Earth, mainly Barry Allen.

It wasn't as good as the Sinestro Corps War, but it was still impressive and felt like a big event. I'm ready to stop seeing heroes get murdered with no heroics, so hopefully the rest of the series will stay a bit brighter. It's weird, knowing I don't have too much left before the New 52 series. I never thought I would get there so fast. It's amazing how quickly a nine year writing career can be read in comic form.

And, I know I'm little late on this but I have to make a list of Marvel heroes and which ring corps they'd be on! It's too much fun to think about!

Red (Rage): The Hulk
Orange (Avarice): Dr. Doom
Yellow (Fear): The Punisher  
Green (Will): Spider-Man 
Blue (Hope): Professor X
Indigo (Compassion): Sue Storm 
Violet (Love): Storm 
Black (Death): Thanos
White (Life): Phoenix