Thursday, February 28, 2013

Once, I was going to make movies...

Argo isn't a great film. It's good, but it's more of a documentary than a real movie. No characters change, nothing really happens. There's a mission, it gets done, good night. Ben Affleck has one expression the entire time. If the main character isn't nervous, I'm not nervous.

But then, what do I know? I've been realizing these days that I'm just a mouth without a brain behind it. Once upon a time, when I held my first video camera, I thought I would be the next big director. I wanted to make movies but something has left. Either I moved on, like I have so often with different passions, or I'm just not great at it. I'm probably just lazy. I'd like to pick up my camera again and make more videos like I have before, but I'm gaining an understanding of my lack of real skill. Even in the world of Youtube videos, mine fail to make for quality entertainment.

I guess I don't know where to go from here. I feel like I missed my chance. I thought college would point me in the right direction but it just left me floating aimlessly in the ocean. I did this to myself, not branching out with other people and trying new things, always allowing myself to be "adequate" and never going for the gold. A note to the kids, go for the gold. Smash Mouth was right about that one.

I wonder, if I had gone to Houghton and had my friends with me, how things would have been different. If I had had Glenn, who was once my very true muse, would I have done bigger and better things? I spent a lot of time working alone and it was of my own doing. I should have collaborated more, I should have branched out. I spent three years at a the college, entered more than one video each year into the film fest, and left without winning or going noticed. I was always happy during the festival, smiling and just being glad to be a part of the event. My biggest joy was hearing people laugh because they thought the video was funny. But there was always something funnier and better produced than my stuff. And now, what?

I guess the Oscars just made me a bit melancholy.

Monday, February 25, 2013

Oscar Blah

I watched the Oscars for the first time since 2003. Back then, I just wanted to see The Return of the King sweep everyone else under the rug. This year, it was just to watch 'em with my wife and friends. I actually enjoyed the show more than I thought I would. I thought Seth MacFarlane wasn't horrible as the host and I actually want to see most of the Best Picture nominees. Not all of them, or even with a great passion, but I'm more interested than I have been before.

It's hard to get excited for the event, though, since none of my favorite films of the year ever make a main catagory. I get that the Academy is a interesting because it's snobby, but I can't get excited for their stuff when they shoot down my favorites. Avengers got it's one nod with special effects and Skyfall did better than I would have guessed, but nothing huge. Chronicle wasn't anywhere near the Academy's radar, which is their loss. I'm surprised The Grey didn't get a mention in any category, but it was probably too popular to pick.

I get that films like Prometheus and Distric 9 are looked down on because their genre, but I don't accept it. It's an obnoxious and regrettable trait of an award ceramony that's meant to celebrate film as a whole. But, if the actors are too busy patting themselves on the back for the great job they did method acting, I suppose Marvel can rest on the billion dollars they made last May.