Friday, January 22, 2010

The Monkey and Dog Show #4

Here we have one my favorite episodes of "The Monkey and Dog Show". This came from my second wind of energy for the show, after a break from the first two episodes. Coming up with reasons for Monkey to get mad at Dog is a bit harder than you might think, and trying to figure out how he will react to Dog is tricky at time. Having Monkey just threaten Dog gets old, because you can only threaten so many times until your threats become mute. So, sometimes Monkey needs to give in. Sometimes.
Crazy Hat Day is not a holiday I celebrate, because I don't get it off from work, but I like the idea very much. The idea came from the fact that, while living in my first apartment, I collected a strange assortments of hats. Looking for an idea for the show, I just had to glance around my living room. I loved the idea that Dog would be so excited for this holiday, because it's a simple one and Dog isn't very complex.
Most of the hat humor was going to come from the progression of hats that Dog changed. Just having him wear one the whole time wouldn't have been too funny, so we build up to it. Ending with the sombrero made me happy, not because of the hat so much as the size and the way Dog doesn't seem to mind.
Dog's logic for the holiday is funny, but I really enjoy Monkey's dialog in this one. "Yea, not gonna do that today...or ever." And the idea that Monkey has a holiday called "Monkey Day", where he just beats up Dog is rather sadistic.
It's interesting, but these first 4 episodes, Monkey isn't really that abusive to Dog. The first episode, Monkey concedes and opens Dog's spaghettios. It's in the second one is where Monkey gets mean, but the next two he's rather patient. It's seems that after this one, it just kind of became the thing to do, hence 5 and 7. But is Monkey really that angry? Well, we just have to wait for the fifth episode, don't we?

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Jurassic Park in the Dark

If ever I created a video love letter, this is it.
When I started editing videos in '04, my second music video was the original version of this one. When I received my copy of Adobe Premire, I wanted to redo it right away, because I love "Jurassic Park" and the song by Weird Al.
I'm a bit weak when it comes to telling a story in a music video. Some people can do it with no problem, and the story is better than the original, but not with me. I tend to think I have a story and then lose it in the process. I think it's part of the reason why in the beginning of my editing, I picked a lot of songs that told stories for me. Then, all I had to do was come up with images that went with the story. "Jurassic Park" was the easiest for me because I knew all the scenes and knew where they were and where they could go in the song.
When I made the original video, I was still in the clouds with the process, but when I remade it, I had the benifit of retrospect. I could watch the original and see what worked and what didn't. I could see where I needed longer shots of a scene or where a scene needed to be cut. That helped a lot. With Adobe, I was able to pick and clip my scenes to the nearest second and really get what I needed.
The thing with this song is that Weird Al doesn't just tell a story, he adds sound effects; dinosaurs and screams. So, part of the fun was syncing up his sounds with the video. Showing people running while Al is screaming was a lot of fun to choose.
The montage of scenes was fun to do, but I'll admit that these parts in a video tend to make me get lazy. I just pick the coolest, quickest shots, and try to arrange them in an order that seems cool. There's not a lot of thought that really goes into it and I would like to try another montage scene where I really think about what I'm putting into it.
The end of this video kind of drags, because the lyrics become less descriptive of the movie. For some strange reason I find that the joke "I'm never coming back this way again" worked better in the original.
But, if you ever wonder how I feel about "Jurassic Park" and why I love it, watch this video and watch the end of it; the last scene says it all.